ICSA 2019 Conference Registration

Welcome to the International Communal Studies Association! We are delighted that you are interested in attending our triennial conference, which will take place on July 18-21, 2019, at the four Camphill communities located near Hudson, New York. Our conference theme is “Diversity and Inclusion in Intentional Communities.” All conference participants should use this webpage to register for the conference. Ordinarily, participants are required to purchase both a conference registration and a three-year individual membership in the ICSA. The conference registration fee is $200 through February 14; thereafter it is $250. This includes meals but not lodging. The individual membership is $100 for those with professional incomes and $50 for those who are low-income or live in income-sharing communities. If you have already been informed that you are eligible for waiver of one or both of these fees, completing the checklist below should cause the software to apply the appropriate waiver.

Please know that the deadline for proposing papers and workshops has recently been extended to February 1. The call for papers is available at http://www.communa.org.il/icsa/index.php/conferences/camphill-2019/call-for-papers .

The conference itself will run from the afternoon of July 18 to the afternoon of July 21. Limited housing will be available onsite at the host communities, with additional possibilities at nearby hotels. Participants who wish a deeper immersion in Camphill life may participate in a pre-conference immersion experience on July 15-17 for an additional $50. Participants who wish to experience a few other, nearby intentional communities may join a postconference tour on July 22-23, with cost and details to be announced later.

If you have any questions about this registration site, please do not hesitate to contact Dan McKanan at dmckanan@hds.harvard.edu .

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